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We provide a large array of "on site" services to assist our customer.  Whether it is aligning a new motor, balancing a fan, providing vibration analysis, or performing complete preventative maintenance analysis we can assist you many ways right on your site.  Let us help you keep your equipment running at optimum levels and avoid costly breakdowns.

Run to failure is the most costly way to manage your assets.  Set up a PdM scheduled program to help you detect problems early with your electrical equipment and control cost.

The objective of optimized shaft alignment is to increase the operating life span of rotating machinery.  Correct shaft alignment ensures the smooth, efficient transmission of power from the motor to the driven equipment. Misalignment produces excessive vibration, noise, coupling and bearing temperature increases and premature bearing, coupling, or shaft failure.

Vibration Analysis is used to detect early precursors to machine failure, allowing machinery to be repaired or replaced before an expensive failure occurs.

Field Balancing

​Given time rotating equipment will naturally go out of blanace.  Left unchecked, unbalancing can cause serious damage to your equipment and wear bearings prematurely.  There is no need to disassemble the machine.  Instead, our team can perform the field balancing work directly on the completely assembled machine. 

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Motion Amplification

Amazing technology that allows you quickly and easily see what is invisible to the naked eye.  Find issues that have plagued you and move to root cause problem solving.  This technology turns every pixel into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or motion with high levels of accuracy.

Measure  operating temperature of running equipment at multiple points at once, to identify a variety of potential problems.

Think you have a problem with your motor but are not sure?  Our experienced technicians can help you identify and isolate problems in your motor or drive. 

Installation and removal services

We can install or remove equipment at your location.

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