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Type of Repairs

AC Motors

DC Motors

Gear Boxes


Pick up and Delivery

Free pick up and delivery on normal weekly routes. Express delivery at nominal fee.


24/7/365 rush repair service.

We can recondition, rewind or re-design your motor.  We also repair and recondition pumps and gear boxes.

All repairs begin with thorough documentation, testing, and inspection. 

At Rocky Mount Electric Motor, we use only the highest quality materials to rewind your motor. We use only inverter duty wire and class "H" insulation. Windings are laced at both ends and electrically tested prior to varnishing. 

We have our own in house machine shop to repair end bells, journals and shafts.  We dynamically balance rotors and other rotary equipment.

We can provide complete documentation of the testing performed on your motor from initial test, core loss test, surge test, to final analysis including amperage, vibration and temperature.

RMEM follows "ANSI/EASA AR100-2015: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus" in repairing all motors thus ensuring your motor maintains it's premium efficiency.  We are an EASA Accredited facility and can provide EASA Accredited repairs.  

Dynamic Balancing

Balancing fans and other rotary equipment.

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